Taking the classic of classics, Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120mm high-heeled shoes.

Christian Louboutin is a classic, but each “red soled shoes” are different, which one is the most classic? VOGUE advised Pigalle 120mm high-heeled shoes.

christian louboutin shoes

The name of Pigalle shoes was from an alley near to Moulin Rouge in Paris, is well-known for numerous “streetwalkers ” at night, of course, it is a metaphor for sexy and danger of this high-heeled shoes. 120 indicates that the height of the heel is 120 mm, about 5 inches. The style of the shoes remain the same: pointed, thin with and the upper side is very low, the heel angle close to the ground but slightly larger than 90 degrees, of course, “red bottom”. In fact, the shape is quite classic and without pornographic elements, the world fashionable First Lady wore Pigalle 120 to participate in important state affairs. The change of each quarter is material, black patent leather or matt skin is the most common, in recent years, full of rivets style is also eye-catching, there is also hot nude color models.

It sounds like a lots of shoes are in same style, but why Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 is more sexy? Lies mainly in the upper side is very low, revealing most of the foot, appears to the feet higher. Of course, this design cannot be suitable for everyone. if there is a lot of meat on the feet, it is funny to wear Pigalle 120.

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